Friends of Horton Park



What Our Client Says

M. Douglas-Miami, FL

Our Sheriff Department did nothing for my case for years. My family has been going through a financial crisis and my ex has caused irreparable harm to our two buys robbing them of their potential and their future.  Last check I got was five years ago! I was referred to child Support Enforces from a colleague at work.  There were very professional, compassionate, and ex responsible for her back child support.

K. Masterson- San Diego, CA

Did not think I could get any real assistance as most people think of men as  the deadbeat parent. WOW. Child Support Enforces lived up to their name and far exceeded my expectations. I feel and their needs for their future.

C. Parker-Austin, TX

I was desperate on welfare and ready to lose my home.  The enforcers were my saving grace even though I was very skeptical from the beginning. They certainly delivered and gave my children a second chance at a bright future.